photo. emory, youngest park pride volunteer.

as we set out on our volunteer journey that bright, hot saturday morning to the tucker nature preserve, who knew that emory would be the only kid there. i think i was hoping some others would be there to play with, or that since it was at a nature preserve that there would be something to keep her attention as i weeded and mulched.

“um… yeah… negative!”

as i chased her around begging her to stay away from the roads… i bribed her with juice, chips and even a banana at some point. she got on everyone’s good side, and they didn’t seem to mind that she was trying to help, yet was in the way. i think that’s an understatement… they ADORED her!!! i think her favorite thing was trying to push the wheelbarrow  :))

she has now been dubbed “willful” and seen as a capable of being a “project manager” by other volunteers who witnessed her that day! that’s my girl!

young volunteer-in-training!!!!

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