o turkey day…

I have so many great things that I’d like to do with my 2-year-old toddler. In my head, where everything is perfect and we’re having a grand ole’ time. However, in real life, everything will not be so neat… in fact, it will end up being such a mess that it becomes not fun! With Halloween “treats” still fresh on the brain, for dinner last night we had chicken and rice. The little one was so focused on her brown bag full of treats that she could not think past it.

I said, “You can’t eat any candy until all the food on your plate is gone.”

I turned my head to continue watching television.

She comes back into the room [didn’t notice that she had even left], and said, “Mommy, all my food is gone.”

What had she done?

She had thrown her plate in the trash!

I wanted so badly to give her a speech, one very reminiscent from my parents, about children starving all over the world, yet I knew she would not understand!

I will attempt to do Thanksgiving crafts… all I found below that seem pretty simple in nature, yet fun for the kiddos!

Fall Leaf Turkey


Harvest Celebration Jar
Balloon Turkeys
Popcorn on the Cob
Turkey Glove
Harvest Necklace
Turkey Finger Puppet