Layla Grayce: LG’s Fav Picks

Each month, or maybe even twice a month, we will feature our favorite picks from an online e-tailer’s goodies for kids. This may be clothing, furniture, toys, or even what we consider to be drop-down, must-go-get necessities. My take on this is not how “cute” an item is because you can go get anything that looks good. I’m an “how reliable and durable is it” kind of mom! Does it make sense to buy this? How long will it last? How stain resistant is it?

I guess you can say I learned my lesson the hard way after Emory was born. She had tons of cute stuff… did she use it all? No! Did I use it? Not enough to recoup the costs. Did she look good though? Yes. In my humble opinion, use and durability trump aesthetics.

On to the article then.
This month, we are featuring Layla Grayce.

Our top picks include:

1. Skip Hop Hug & Hide Activity Toys available in Lamb, Dog, Monkey and Bear — $18

Why is it a top pick for us?
Because as soon as their little fingers can grasp or knock things away, this toy can serve as itself, a teether, a sleeping aid, and should last well into the toddler years!

2. Skip Hop Playspot Zoo — $60

Why is it a top pick for us?
It’s bright. It’s bold! You can also use it as a teaching aid about animals and shapes. It can serve as a play mat, a nap mat, and should last well into the toddler years as well.

3. Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bags — $10

Why is it a top pick for us?
Because it is reusable. It’s small enough to fit into a purse or diaper bag, and not take up tons of space. It should also keep the weight of your purse/diaper bag to a minimum.

4. 3 Sprouts Storage Box — $26.00

Why is it a top pick for us?
Because it is also reusable. With these fun animals on the front, it should keep your little one’s attention for long enough. They may even adopt them as their very own pet! They should easily store into cubbies and should be pretty durable! Will turn out to hold hair accessories, shoes, toys, socks, etc.

5.  Kalon Studios Hut Hut Kids Resin Blue — $125

Why is it a top pick for us?
It looks fun to sit on these right?! They do to us! We like them because of their nonconformity to the norm! They also look like they could double as a stool,, but you better check the instructions on that!

6. Blabla Pillow Hold Me Tight — $52

Why is it a top pick for us?
Because it looks like a huge teething ring. Although it is a pillow, it could turn out to be your child’s favorite item! The handles make it easy for baby to lug around!

7. Rikshaw Design Taj Baby Blanket — $68

Why is it a top pick for us?
It’s bohemian! It is made from Indian cotton voile, is machine washable and gets softer with every wash. Who wouldn’t prefer that over the blanket getting worse with every wash?! This blanket is made in India. 

8. Loop Pacifier Clip — $8.00

Why is it a top pick for us?

They look like stylish ties! They are a colorful splash to any clothing ensemble! If you ever get tired of running out to buy new pacifiers, then try this pacifier clip!!!

9. Our Favorite cribs! — Prices start at $691+

Why are they top picks for us?

Good manufacturing is better than a cute crib! What makes a crib better is if it can transform to a toddler bed, and even better if it can then transform into a twin or full-size bed. We like these cribs because they are stylish, convertible or can easily be stored away!

Last, but not least crib bedding!
We have several different ones that we personally like. The selection is huge!

10a. Bella Notte Crib Set 3-piece Cotton Velvet and Whisper Linen — $787

10e. Olli + Lime Logan Crib Set — $295 or Bumperless — $195

10f. Skip Hop Mod Dot — $199

10g.  Oilo Crib Bedding Set Triple Band Stone and Citron — $399

Why are they top picks for us?

For crib bedding, it’s all about the cuteness. If your child will even sleep in the crib, there’s not much to it. The design is what counts!

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