in world news… baby einstein! in our news… teething & diarrhea!

As reported, Baby Einstein is offering refunds to parents who bought DVDs thinking that they might make your little one a smart Einstein! Apparently, someone got upset when their kid was a dumb ass and couldn’t grasp the ideas that were portrayed in the DVDs… just call it bad genes! So, this person filed a case claiming false advertisement. I have to say that in the 20 DVDs my mother and I bought for my nephew as he was growing up and staying at our house…. he learned so much from them! He learned music, rhythm, classical music, animals & their sounds, numbers, as well as everything else they teach. He carried those DVDs around like they were attached to his hip. And even the CDs… whenever he got in the car with you, the first thing he did was hand you his CD. Now, almost 7 years old, he’s very smart and can read so well. In fact, when he first started first grade, he was one of very few kids who could read… his teacher wanted to move him to a gifted class. I’m sure a lot of practice at home was a factor in that as well, but those DVDs certainly helped prepare him. Sorry Baby Einstein! Now other DVDs like “Brainy Baby” can steal your future potential customers, or maybe you’ll retain the ones who actually liked your materials and how you taught the kids that actually paid attention to them! Sucks!

Anyways, in other news — I have no other reason to not think it so, but emory is definitely teething and she has a bad case of diarrhea to prove it! O-M-G! She’s not sick and doesn’t have fever so it’s not because she has an illness – bacterial or viral. the only other option is that she’s teething. She has been sticking everything she can in her mouth lately, not that that’s out of the norm. I feel bad though….

Even though “research” shows that there is no link between teething and diarrhea… that’s a load of bull. What kind of kids were in that study?

I don’t know how to make it stop. No matter what I giver her, it doesn’t help. She was on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) for two weeks… to no avail though. the only other thing it could be is that those teeth are coming and its stressing her bowels more than anything. I heard, rather read, that the diarrhea is an aftereffect of her swallowing an excess amount of saliva causing her bowels to move more frequently and be more runny. TMI – I know.

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