If you have the space… Use it!

My next house will definitely accommodate a state-of-the-art, thrilling, uniquely decorated play room… not for me, but for the kid! These rooms encompass all things playful and exciting, not to mention the soft-on-the-eyes… I mean really gorgeous design work. Which is why I say, if you have the space (and money), use it! Check out these rooms I found below.

This room screams cultured, yet gothic and vintage girl! I love it. The straight lines mixed with the circular patterns is a great use and mix of space and art.

I would be scared to have anyone under the age of maybe four in this room because of all the white. But for you modern, simplistic white lovers… this room is perfect for you! The silver and gray contrasts simply sets off the white, as well as the tiny hints of colors splashed here and there — pink, teal, red and orange.
Here is a fun, jungle-esque room. The orange backdrop with the wall decals make this room a great choice for your safari little guys. The hanging airplanes with the sky, track lighting are great. I would just add in darker toned storage along the wall where the giraffes are.. maybe dark blue bookshelf like the one pictured on the right.
The playful, smurf-like theme of this room is definitely for the tree hugger in you. I, personally, like the mushroom seating cushions and the swing… The bed is almost too matchy, yet is still very in line with the tree house theme. It is plain, but maybe some wall decals or even a mural would do this room a little more justice.
More ideas are below:
For a naturally talented artist, having a chalk wall is a great way to draw out the creative juices of your little one, and with movable furniture, you can draw out the interior designer.
Sometimes kids just need a hideout! This hideaway doubles as a great study tent.
Pottery Barn USA. Can’t you tell? For a kid’s first playroom, a table and chairs are a must… even if they prefer the walls and the floor!
This pink room is great! It has table and chairs for arts & crafts, as well as two arm chairs for just lounging around for a little girl talk.