Flowing with Declutter

If your house is anything like mine, there is no more room for toys, gadgets, dolls, trains, shoes or clothes. One can only do so much by using toy bins, shelving units or stuffing items into closet organizers before the once cute theme becomes one vast disorganization. The key to decluttering and getting organized lies within finding items that will be functional, but also flow within the theme and colors of a room.

I found these great items that are functional and also has the potential to fit just about any theme of your little one’s room. The first two depict a ton of small, inexpensive storage items from Ikea that we can use everyday especially the sliding shelving bins and colorful, yet playful under-the-bed storage bins.

This wall unit features plastic, cloth and open-face bins that simply sit on shelves. By adding in a variety of color, it adds to the already vibrant theme of the room. It’s very functional and still fun for kids, yet helps parents with putting things away.

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