family. “i always hear…”

i always hear other parents saying, “they grow so fast…” and now i know exactly what they mean.

before, i just agreed and said, “yeah i knowwwww…” while not fully understanding. i knew that my daughter, emory, grew out of her infant clothes and shoes before she even wore a lot of them, but now, i absolutely realize the true meaning of the statement. in the past two months, i’ve watched and experienced her get taller, gain weight, get smarter and her vocabulary increase.

hell, even her hair went through a growth spurt. here i thought i was going to have to give her a mohawk on her 2nd birthday. (picture angel brown – mel b’s daughter) i said to myself and a couple of friends that emory would definitely rock this look if her hair didn’t get any longer! and was well prepared to give it to her… while a bunch of other mothers and friends were shocked in disbelief that i might not go through with it. well — you all lucked out this time!

the honor of being a mom is completely and truly special… emory is so caring, watchful, and still so very curious about EVERYTHING! her vocabulary has skyrocketed… i just hope her smartness — that she got from me of course — continues throughout college! :)) i watch her sleep at night and think to myself, ” i must be the luckiest person alive“! but i guess most every mom feels that overwhelmingly unconditional love for their child.

i said all of that to say that “damn!

now, i have to go out and buy new shoes, new clothes and new toys (more geared to her age & play level) because she’s outgrown almost everything in her closet… how did that happen? sheesh kids are expensive!!!

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