debo? crawling? really?

so i went to pick emory up after work as usual and i hear that she’s been a little debo all day? did that mean she was mean? bad? both?

apparently, she had been practicing taking toys away from other babies and hitting them. ugh… “not nice emory!” but several days later, emory started crawling… oh boy! she went from scooting to crawling… YAY! well since she’s not going to skip crawling… i at least hope she’s that much more closer to walking…

in other news — so there was an earthquake in haiti on the 12th and if you thought the country was in ruins before… it’s more than a disaster now! so many people died, and others are left homeless and in great need of medical care. i donated by texting yele and to verizon… i hoped that my little contribution helped in some way.

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