ready for younger looking skin? Mary Kay baby!

when i was growing up i watched my mother go through her daily, and nightly routine for good facial care. it wasn’t until i hit those teenage pimple years that i realized that we, as ladies, need to take care of these fresh faces. we should only use the best, and after many years, well into womanhood, it seems that i still hadn’t learned my lesson. countless products later – everything from neutrogena, ponds, oil of olay to clearasil and roc – i decided to just go with one. that one was Mary Kay. it stands the test of time… since i am getting older (almost 30) i figure now is as a good as time as ever to start my anti-aging battle against fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and plenty more depressing facets. about a month ago, i began selling Mary Kay, and wanted to try out the products for myself. i started with the TimeWise® Miracle Set, which includes:

  • 3-In-1 Cleanser
  • Age-Fighting Moisturizer
  • Night Solution
  • Day Solution with Sunscreen

my first time using it, i walked out of the bathroom feeling airy… like there was a halo glowing around my face. it felt so fresh, clean and bright! never could i say this about any other facial cleanser. anyways, over the course of the month, i could personally see a difference in my skin — it was more even, glowing and flawless looking. of course, when you first start a cleansing routine, your face undergoes these changes because the cleanser has to work to get your skin to a place of cleanliness… so there may be pimples popping up, but that’s only because they were lying under the surface of the skin. by getting your face super clean and sticking to a regime, old skin falls off and new skin appears lighter, even and less wrinkly.

i wanted to start this because i wanted younger-looking skin… and i will age well that’s for sure. LOL!

Mary Kay TimeWise Miracle Set chart

i’ve also tried the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion solution… and oh boy! Your skin comes out feeling soft as a baby’s bottom!

the bottom line is that i would recommend this set to everyone i know… if you’re a non-believer, i have friends who have been using this for years – their face will show you the truth! and if you just want to TRY it, get the Miracle Set trial version! you won’t be disappointed, and will even become a tried & true user!