i am a stylehunter!

As a Style Hunter, nothing beats the buzz of the sale season. You love a good bargain and always like to make sure you’re first in line to snap up the best buys as soon as the prices are slashed. You may even do a little pre-sale research and draw up a wishlist to make sure no-one beats you to the tills. You could quite happily spend hours trawling through the sale racks or scanning thrift stores for a good find. You’re got a bit of a creative streak too – it’s all about spotting the potential in the most unlikely pieces. The key is to always keep your eyes peeled for that must-have item and, if you know that you got it for next to nothing, you’ll treasure it even more. You’re one of those super-savvy dressers who always manages to pull off a perfect look, whatever the occasion. Relaxed but confident, it’s all about making a one-off statement that screams personality. You’re a naturally ambitious person and you like to keep your eye on the prize. You have a strong personal style and always make first impressions count.