today. things i wouldn’t mind getting for xmas! :))

take this as a hint or not…. maybe you’ll looks through some of the things and decide, “hey i think i’ll get it for myself!” either way – i think some of this stuff is pre-tt-y cool!

1. Ebony Vessels at — these are sure to spruce up any table, small corner or kitchen counter. Crafted from sustainably sourced mpingo wood by artisans living in Mozambique’s vast woodlands, these sophisticated storage jars are both useful and beautiful. The unique lids of these stylish lathe-turned jars are a chance for the carvers to show off their skills. Mpingo is the Kiswahili word for the dark hardwood also known as African blackwood or Mozambican ebony and grows prolifically in  Mozambique’s forests. Differences in tone and slight imperfections confirm the authenticity of materials and craftsmanship of every vessel.

:: ebony vessels ::

2. Japanese Woodblock Coasters benefiting UNICEF — these coasters are cute! they are crafted from ceramic and the drink coasters come in four vivid, silhouette designs reminiscent of Japanese woodblock art. Non-slip cork backing for worry-free entertaining. Set of 4 – teal, gold, red and purple. 4 1/4” diameter.

:: japanese woodblock coasters ::

3. seed bombs from GreenAid — why not plant your own indoor garden or spruce up my own flower bed that my landscape guy tried to charge me $400 for? blank stare and curse words flying — an order of seed bombs comes with a recycled tube of 10 hand-rolled seedbombs containing native wildflower seeds, and a wooden slingshot for flinging them into the hard to reach forgotten niches of your city! Once thrown, seedbombs have the ability to lay dormant for up to a year. Once they receive a little sun and water, they’ll sprout in just a few days and begin to grow. Each tube has instructions and a seed list attached. The Seedbombs are made from a mixture of clay, compost, and seeds, “seedbombs” are becoming an increasingly popular means of transforming the forgotten spaces of the urban environment. Seedbombs contain hundreds of native seeds.

:: seed bombs ::

4. anything from the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.… trying buying a robotic shark for use in some covert surveillance op, or a tin can of magnetism or a gallon-size can of omnipotence! … sure to turn anyone into a super hero in a matter of seconds!

:: robotic shark ::

:: intelligence ::

:: invisibility ::