today. no easy way.

this is the 3rd day and i can give you firsthand facts that let you know that there is no easy way to give a toddler eyedrops without getting caveman-like. and from reading blogs, forums and other question/answer sessions online, i now know that i’m not the only one who has had to resort to borderline childhood brutality to administer this medicine.

the closest, nicest way i’ve read is to tell the child to lie down on his back with his head in your lap, close his eyes, while you put drops in the inner corner of the eye, then tell the kid to open his eyes, and the medicine will magically go into the eye and “poof!” your problems are solved ——- WRONG!

maybe if you have a 6-year-old….

but i’m the mother of an 18-month-old… and independent little girl at that…. i can tell you why this method does not work.

# 1 – try telling/asking/demanding that the child even lay down in the first place… this is half the battle… not even mentioning laying her head in my lap! yeah right!

# 2 – close his eyes…. wow! that was easy because every time my daughter even sees this particular medicine bottle, she immediately covers her eyes and runs away… and if she doesn’t she’s fighting me over the bottle so she can go hide it!

# 3 – well… even after all that… if i manage to hold her down with her head in my lap, eyes firmly closed… and i’m dropping the drops in her eyes… except she doesn’t magically open her eyes… she’s wiping all the medicine off with her hands because she doesn’t want it!

so no, there is no “poof!”

without putting her in a headlock, locking her arms behind her head, and since i don’t have help to hold her down…

the only method/problem that is feasible enough to work is the method of administering eyedrops when she is asleep…. ahhhhhh! the sound of birds chirping

there is no fussing, no fighting, no crying, no yelling, no kicking, no screaming, no hitting – but there is only the problem of that she’s supposed to get these drops 4 times a day (waiting 4 hours in between each app)!

there is no win/win situation….

i just wish these pharmaceutical packaging companies would realize that 1-year-olds aren’t into parents telling them what to do, especially when it comes to eyedrops!