today. green thumbs.

since i’ve had the pleasure of actually having a flower bed, i’ve decided to learn about the basics of gardening, rather just planting flowers once, not literally, because i have a landscape guy  – santiago from honduras. for the most part, he understands me, but sometimes, most definitely, there are gaps in our communication. lost in translation. one thing he does know about – the almighty dollar.

so i have two flower beds in my yard plus the area right in front of the house where there normally would be bushes… but somehow they didn’t get planted. on my quest to let santiago design my landscape, i realized that it is really i that must learn about the “look” that i want…. and i just need to tell him where i want them… this includes plants & types. he only knows two flowers from my first impressions – begonias (which i missed that season) and now, pansies (which are in season now).

these perennials (flowers that only last a season or two, i.e., spring/summer or fall/winter) are not the absolute prettiest, but will accomplish one goal, and that is to get me through the winter without the worst looking lawn on my street!

example pansies

purple pansies

they’re just plain looking flowers, which need accents… insert santiago’s skill here (oops… file missing)… he thinks i want a whole yard full of these flowers and i don’t. i want a nice looking, assorted, yet well put together design – think eye candy for homes.

so here i am trying/attempting to learn about flower design, and what works, and what doesn’t, and what shrubs and flowers live through winter, and which don’t, and which you can actually plant now… annuals and such! and what exactly is a flat? and how many is in a flat? and you think i need 20 flats? heck no.


i’ll keep you posted on my trip through landscape for dummies!