Sunny Saturday

14 November 2009, Comments 0

I had a midterm this morning and by the time I emerged back into the light, it was freakin gorgeous outside! Warm temps & plenty of sunshine made me happy to have been a part of it til I noticed ”15 miles to empty” [gas hand]!

My mom & I ended up taking Emory to the park… She had so much fun on the swings and the slide. We also took a field trip to Wal-Mart to get one $6 hot pink shirt… $70 and 2 plastic bags later… We went home.

Tomorrow is the Girls in the Run New Balance 5K run at the Arizona Ave Atlanta Youth Soccer park… 830 am. I’m running with a group of girls from Hill-Hope Elementary thanks to my coworker Stacy, but I think I’ve recruited 3 people to come with me & Emory! I’ll keep you posted!
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