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9 November 2011, Comments 2

Emory’s daycare tested her over several weeks and concluded that she should move to the next, older classroom filled with three- and four-year olds. Of course I was stoked. Not only does my baby have my smart genes, I thought I’d get the new-class price. I was sadly mistaken that the price is by age, not by class…shucks!

I’ve been meaning to check with her new teacher, especially since this evening when I picked her up she was whining and complaining how she didn’t like Ms. King’s class and how she wanted to go back to Ms. Tiffany’s class. This really bothered me… She went off on a tangent with her complaint… None of which I could understand.

We get home, eat dinner, watch some tv, get ready for bed, paint her toenails… And as she settling in for sleep, she starts reciting the months of the year!

Really? wow… I didn’t know you knew all the months of the year!!!

gee, I’m so proud! this is a milestone for us!!!

I was just thinking that maybe she was rushed to the big kid class and that she may be falling behind, or that it might even be overwhelming for her… I guess it’s something I should keep an eye on, but I’m still excited.

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  1. jayna says:

    hey!!! this is intersteing and good news! i’m sure Emory will do really well! she belongs in the big kid class!

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