photo. emory, youngest park pride volunteer.

17 May 2011, Comments 0

as we set out on our volunteer journey that bright, hot saturday morning to the tucker nature preserve, who knew that emory would be the only kid there. i think i was hoping some others would be there to play with, or that since it was at a nature preserve that there would be something to keep her attention as i weeded and mulched.

“um… yeah… negative!”

as i chased her around begging her to stay away from the roads… i bribed her with juice, chips and even a banana at some point. she got on everyone’s good side, and they didn’t seem to mind that she was trying to help, yet was in the way. i think that’s an understatement… they ADORED her!!! i think her favorite thing was trying to push the wheelbarrow  :))

she has now been dubbed “willful” and seen as a capable of being a “project manager” by other volunteers who witnessed her that day! that’s my girl!

young volunteer-in-training!!!!

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