news. who remembers dynasty?

14 January 2011, Comments 0

WOW… it’s been a long time since i heard that word mentioned — DYNASTY! From 1981-1989 this tv series RULED! it was filled with all the things these reality shows are made of + more! it ended so dramatically!!! but they’re making a movie… not on the exact synopsis but a prequel to how it all started! LOL… i can’t wait to see who’s playing who! you gen x’ers might not even know what i’m talking about, but you ol’ school people know exactly what this night time soap opera drama was like!

the plot:

The saga of a wealthy Denver family in the oil business: Blake Carrington, the patriarch; Krystle, his former secretary and wife; his children: Adam, lost in childhood after a kidnapping; Fallon, pampered and spoiled; Steven, openly gay; and Amanda, hidden from him by his ex-wife, the conniving Alexis. Most of the show features the conflict between 2 large corporations, Blake’s Denver Carrington and Alexis’ ColbyCo.

Shoulder pads and cat fights! Today marks the 30 year anniversary of Dynasty‘s television premiere, and the creators of the highly successful nighttime soap are marking the occasion with the promise of bringing the show to the big screen. Richard and Esther Shapiro told E! the movie will be a prequel to the series, set in the early 1960′s – back when young Blake Carrington was embroiled in a hot love affair with a certain Alexis Colby. Yowza!

The script hasn’t found a studio home yet, but we’re sure it will. The only thing we’re worried about is — can there be an actress alive that can do justice to the quintessential power-hungry queen bitch Alexis? Joan Collins‘ shoes are big ones to fill, indeed.

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