news. when men act with their head...not the one on top!

7 January 2011, Comments 0

john edwards has alledgedly proposed to rielle hunter — baby mama!

what typically happens when men act with their heads and not their brains is that they cheat, have a baby outside the relationship/marriage, get caught, deny the baby, deny the outside relationship, get scorned by the public and media, have to drop out of a presidential race, make up with your wife, have your wife accept your outside child, be left out of your now deceased wife’s will, then marry the baby mama that you denied in the 1st place that you were ever seeing!!!!

that is just WAY too much drama for any network soap opera!

no — maybe that is exactly the drama that he was trying to live up to!!!

either way… you’re an idiot!!!!

hey, but at least he’s a part of his baby’s life, which is more than i can say about my own daughter’s “donor!”

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