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29 December 2010, Comments 0

for a hospital in maryland, the meritus medical center to be exact, they are calling for no pictures to be taken after a pregnant mom gives birth. families are no longer allowed to film or photograph baby deliveries in their entirety at Meritus, the new site of Washington County Hospital. there is a waiting rule — wait five minutes after the delivery before taking photos or filming in the birthing area once they are given the OK to do so from medical staff. the policy went into effect    Nov. 1, before the new hospital opened.

“Our concern is for mom’s safety and privacy,” said Jody Bishop, administrative director of Women and Children’s, the department that oversees the hospital’s birthing center. “We don’t want the staff to be distracted by people video taping or taking pictures during the birth.”

Bishop said the minutes after the birth are an important time to stabilize the baby and ensure well-being of the mother. Nearly 2,000 babies are delivered at Washington County Hospital a year. Bishop said she was unaware of prior incidents in which the presence of cameras in the hospital’s delivery room had posed safety problems.

“Five minutes after the birth, if everybody’s well and the physician approves, they can go ahead and start videotaping and taking pictures,” Bishop said.

WOW!!!! i wonder how many moms will even want to deliver at this hospital… if given the chance, would they choose another facility?

i would go to another hospital!!!! i wouldn’t trade these first few photos.

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