news. man gets :: probation :: for sexually assaulting 3-year-old girl.

17 May 2011, Comments 0


what is the world coming to where we let sexual predators to roam the streets … committing crimes against our children.

this just boils my bubbles. it really is a joke that this guy only gets 10 years of probation and only has to pay a measly $2ooo in court costs for what he did. our laws have got to change. this is not the example to set for other predators who drive around looking for kids to kidnap, touch, abuse and/or kill. who is going to protect the little innocent ones?

this is the picture that gets painted of georgia… one of the state’s many problems.

the man pictured above is former Hall County Sheriff’s Deputy :: michael d. nix :: who plead guilty to sexually assaulting a three-year-old girl. he is the one who got 10 years probation and fined. i’m sure he’s at home laughing… thanking God that he doesn’t have to go to jail where he probably would have become someone’s little 3-year-old. he should be thanking his lucky stars…


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