mommy & baby have flu

31 October 2009, Comments 0

apparently we both have the stomach flu since there’s no sign of fever and I’ve changed about 50 diapers today alone. Not to mention that I’ve been up constantly since 2:30 am this morning… oh and I forgot to mention the accompanying body aches that feel like I’ve been hit by 2 buses! I can only imagine what my poor baby feels like but I’ve been giving her Tylenol to help as I, too, have been taking it for my aches.

More or less, we’ve both been sleeping a lot and trying to maintain fluid levels to prevent dehydration. Emory’s been on the BRAT diet — bananas rice applesauce and toast — to try and slow down the diarrhea. She’s been eating and started drinking more formula again today, but only to come right back out! I guess if its still bad tomorrow I’ll go get pedialyte.

I really am hoping for a better day tomorrow because right now I feel the worst. Being sick & taking care of your sick baby, is so much harder, especially when your energy level is depleted! I, somehow, survived today! Thank God!

she is sound asleep now. Let’s hope she sleeps through the night!

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