leaving the baby factory

30 March 2009, Comments 0

our very 1st trip out of the hospital and guess what? it starts to rain!
oh my… and the nurse (or assistant or whatever the heck she was) was supposed to be gently helping us out of the hospital was rushing us because she needed the wheelchair to help somebody else.

being the new mommy i was, i just got up and told her that i didn’t need the darn chair and that she could leave. she offered to stay, but i didn’t want to lost it on her… not my 1st week being a mom! geez… don’t push me! <muahahahaha>

thanks to my mom & dad, we made it home safely ~ and lucky for me, i went to babies r us the night i went into labor to get everything i forgot to get the 9 months before!

the gang

it had been a long day… even tasha had a final this day! she aced it of course!

they were troopers

i know they were tired…

eli & kai

the spongebob kings were definitely troopers!!!


these homies ~ crystal&jayna~ were there til the end!

love love love all of  ya!!!

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