It's Gone I Tell Ya!

11 November 2009, Comments 0

Did I mention that the diarrhea that has plagued my life (and Emory’s) for the past 2 weeks finally went away on Sunday!

I bet you don’t know how happy I am?

My mom also got here Sunday evening, so both she and Emory have been in HEAVEN together! My mom is fattening her up with pancakes, eggs, bananas, and everything else she can cook that emory can eat! I think she’s already put on some pounds! I went shopping for Em on Saturday and I hope she can fit the NEW clothes I just bought by the time my mother leaves! Shame if she can’t!

Here’s pic of the 2 from Labor Day weekend in Savannah!


Anyways, after a long day at work on Monday, and much to my surprise, Emory’s teeth are cutting through – YAY! Talk about shoving anything she touches in her mouth — it’s gone to an entirely different level! She really is putting everything in her mouth now… and my finger is one of those things.

But to feel those teeth coming through is one of my greatest pleasures & indulgences right now!

I go home and put my finger in her mouth… and I rub those gums to try to hurry those teeth — make them pop on out! šŸ™‚

She loves it anyways… think it eases the pressure!

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