Father's Day is less than 4 days away!

13 June 2012, Comments 0

I’ve seen some pretty nice gifts this year… or at least fun ways to shop differently. Here is the rundown of the top 5 gift ideas that would entice me to do something differently:

  • Wantful (as seen on Shop Sweet Things) — so the idea is that you answer a few questions about the man in your life — pick what he likes, places he likes, characteristics about himself. Afterward, you select up to 16 gifts (listed by price from $30-$500) that you think this person would love, or you can have them pick for you. Then you pay for that item, and Wantful then mails a picture booklet to the person receiving the gift. They then go online and choose which gift they want. You pick the gift, and Wantful ships it.

  • Tietry (as seen on 8moms.com) — the idea here is that you go through  to pick the ties you want and they will mail them to you. Dad/Husband/Friend would wear them as long and as often as they desire.  When they want some new ones, send the ties back to them in pre-paid packaging, and they will send the next available ties from the queue. It’s like Netflix for ties. Prices start at $11.99 and 8moms.com currently has a deal for 52% off Tie Subscription.

  • Brookstone’s Beer Machine has my top vote! I mean what man doesn’t think he could make his own top of the line beer! It’s all about saving money in these hard times, right? For $99, this machine’s one-step process brews 2.6 gallons (or 28 12-oz. servings) of hand-crafted beer in just 7 to 10 days.
  • A decent ol’ Wine-of-the-Month Membership, is good for those hard-to-buy-for men who love to indulge in a great glass of wine. It’s good to open that man up to new possibilities. There’s more to wine than Sutterhome and J. Roget (no diss). As seen on the Mother Nature Network, here are 5 organic wine-of-the-month clubs to try!
    • EcoVine Organic Wine Club all about customization offering an assortment of organic wines starting at $39 +shipping for two bottles. Scheduling is offered for monthly, every other month or quarterly.
    • The Organic Wine Company Wine of the Month Club — offers three-bottle options for $49.99. There is a 3-month minimum sign up; however, members receive a 10 percent discount on all wine orders from the regular catalog.
    • PureVineWines Wine of the Month Cluboffers an assortment of organic wine from producers located around the world. Prices range from $45 to $60 per month for two bottles. With a six-month subscription you receive one free bottle, and a 12-month subscription gets you two.
    • Organic Wine Exchange Wine Club — This club’s monthly or quarterly shipments are tailored to your personality. With the “Shy One,” you get one to two bottles per month for $50 +shipping. The “Flirt” gets you three to four bottles for $100 +shipping, and the “Risk Taker” gives you 10 to 12 bottles for $250. Wines include selections from mostly family-owned domestic and international vineyards.
    • Organic Wine Press Wino of the Month Club — This wine shop offers two- and three-bottle options. With two bottles, you receive one red and one white each month for $24 +shipping. The three-bottle option includes one white and two reds for $36 +shipping. They also offer a selection of organic beers. All orders are subject to a wine box fee.
  • Personally, for my dad, he enjoys a good rodeo, horse show/race or any type of UFC fighting (just thinking about the types of TV shows that he likes to watch). I’m thinking tickets to actually go to any of these types of events would just be right over the top! And I like over-the-top anything! I can’t always afford it, but in this case it would be a perfect once-a-year celebration to honor the man that raised me! (I’m not going to Washington state though… picture shown for example only!)

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