10 October 2011

nursery decor { pink + green }

10 October 2011, Comments 0

The way the baby pink and olive green flow together makes sophistication look easy! I love white furniture for little girls!!! What do you […]

13 May 2011

random. follow through.

13 May 2011, Comments 1

wondering if anyone else has any problems with follow through? it’s not because of procrastination… but rather a desire not to fail… yet an […]

14 January 2011

random. have you ever heard…

14 January 2011, Comments 0

have you ever heard that the stronger a meat smells when you’re cooking it, the more fat it has in it. For instance, no […]

26 October 2010

today. directions.

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1 November 2009

Today was a Normal Day… Take 3

1 November 2009, Comments 0

So as I had prayed last night, Emory slept through the entire night. YAY! I know I was glad… and so was my previously […]

24 July 2009

hey… what’s going on!

24 July 2009, Comments 3

welcome to the lives of emory and regina as we delve into the world ~ growing together on a wonderful, magical journey through life. […]