23 May 2012


23 May 2012, Comments 0

These birth announcement pillows by Uptown Artworks are so “it”! The look of these signs are so modern and the typography kind of sets […]

9 May 2012


9 May 2012, Comments 0

The twoolies are unique handmade wool animals with artistic personality that come to your living space to stimulate your thoughts and emotions. They were […]

26 April 2012

National Princess Week

26 April 2012, Comments 0

Disney has valiantly proclaimed the first ever National Princess Week, which is currently going on, April 22-28. In collaboration with Target, the Walt Disney […]

10 April 2012

PhotoBook Craze… (updated)

10 April 2012, Comments 0

My dad has been bugging me to make him a calendar with all of his grand kids on it, since the very first time […]

16 March 2012

LegoLand in Atlanta!!! Opens tomorrow!

16 March 2012, Comments 0

Who knew there was a LegoLand coming to Atlanta? What planet have I been living on? Any who, much to my excitement — much […]

24 February 2012

DVF for Gap

24 February 2012, Comments 0

It’s Diane!  Diane Von Furstenberg for Gap! The vibrant and lively colors come alive on the kids! and They look absolutely adorable! The collection […]

21 February 2012

From Kenya With Love… Leakey Collection

21 February 2012, Comments 0

Based in The Rift Valley Kenya, East Africa, the Leakey Collection uses natural elements such as fallen wood, grass and porcelain to create some of […]

24 January 2012

Spotlight: Project Live Proud, Inc.

24 January 2012, Comments 0

From time to time, we love to show our support to the nonprofits in our community that help us to help those in need. […]

18 January 2012

Doodle 4 Google…

18 January 2012, Comments 0

Doodle 4 Google 2012: If I could travel in time, I’d visit…     Google has announced its latest Doodle 4 Google contest, where […]

13 January 2012

Rituals for bedtime…

13 January 2012, Comments 0

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but our bedtime routine is becoming longer and longer,as well as harder and more of a task! The routine itself initially lasted […]

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