24 November 2009

one thing after another

24 November 2009, Comments 0

so for a couple of weeks it was diarrhea…  due to stomach flu or teething? i say both! now it’s a perpetual diaper rash… […]

19 November 2009

no crawling for me…

19 November 2009, Comments 0

emory seems to be so unhappy in what’s supposed to be the “crawling” stage… unfortunately, it’s as if she wants nothing to do with […]

11 November 2009

It’s Gone I Tell Ya!

11 November 2009, Comments 0

Did I mention that the diarrhea that has plagued my life (and Emory’s) for the past 2 weeks finally went away on Sunday! I […]

9 November 2009

Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo!

9 November 2009, Comments 0

the diarrhea is gone… Woo hoo! I don’t think you understand how happy I am. On Sunday we had our first semi-solid poop and […]

30 March 2009

leaving the baby factory

30 March 2009, Comments 0

our very 1st trip out of the hospital and guess what? it starts to rain! oh my… and the nurse (or assistant or whatever […]

28 March 2009

the grand appearance

28 March 2009, Comments 0

oh boy… after 9 months of agony of waiting to meet little miss emory. at my last prenatal appointment on march 25, 2009, i […]