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30 September 2011

Love This Girl’s Room!

30 September 2011, Comments 0

Park Avenue Child’s Room | Katie Lydon I love the bold colors and the artwork… it’s inspired, yet still for the girl who loves her animals! What […]

29 September 2011


29 September 2011, Comments 0

The Color Association of the United States for Spring/Summer 2012 is above. This season, discussion centered around the youth market following a global sensibility. What’s […]

26 September 2011

If you have the space… Use it!

26 September 2011, Comments 0

My next house will definitely accommodate a state-of-the-art, thrilling, uniquely decorated play room… not for me, but for the kid! These rooms encompass all things playful […]

23 September 2011

Flowing with Declutter

23 September 2011, Comments 0

If your house is anything like mine, there is no more room for toys, gadgets, dolls, trains, shoes or clothes. One can only do […]