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27 August 2012

First Lady Michelle Obama hosted First Kids’ "State Dinner"

27 August 2012, Comments 0

On August 20, the White House and First Lady Michelle Obama hosted the first ever kids “State Dinner” to promote the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. The […]

9 November 2011

Dabbawalla Bags!

9 November 2011, Comments 0

da-ba-wa-lla  1. A person in India who carries lunch boxes to office workers. 2. A stylish, practical bag for little people  on the go. […]

13 October 2011

Because I Love Food — Halloween Treats!

13 October 2011, Comments 0

After starting yesterday’s posting, I decided that one day should be dedicated to food! Namely, cupcakes, but other treats as well!!! I wonder if […]

16 December 2010

recipe. recipe inspirations.

16 December 2010, Comments 0

one of the greatest things mccormick could’ve have ever created are the Recipe Inspirations. for the mom-on-the-go, these small packets of flavor are awesome-tastic!!!! […]

24 November 2009

one thing after another

24 November 2009, Comments 0

so for a couple of weeks it was diarrhea…  due to stomach flu or teething? i say both! now it’s a perpetual diaper rash… […]

11 November 2009

It’s Gone I Tell Ya!

11 November 2009, Comments 0

Did I mention that the diarrhea that has plagued my life (and Emory’s) for the past 2 weeks finally went away on Sunday! I […]

9 November 2009

Yo Baby Yo Baby Yo!

9 November 2009, Comments 0

the diarrhea is gone… Woo hoo! I don’t think you understand how happy I am. On Sunday we had our first semi-solid poop and […]