1 June 2012

friday spotlight: The Gutierrez Twins!

1 June 2012, Comments 0

these guys — Ryan and Carter (6 months) — are the most adorable, handsome babies ever! If you can resist the urge to smile […]

24 January 2012

Spotlight: Project Live Proud, Inc.

24 January 2012, Comments 0

From time to time, we love to show our support to the nonprofits in our community that help us to help those in need. […]

9 November 2011

random. educational insights.

9 November 2011, Comments 2

Emory’s daycare tested her over several weeks and concluded that she should move to the next, older classroom filled with three- and four-year olds. […]

27 September 2011

so today…

27 September 2011, Comments 0

emory locks me out of the house… i guess she couldn’t stop focusing on the bag of peanut m&ms she had in her hand. […]

17 May 2011

photo. emory, youngest park pride volunteer.

17 May 2011, Comments 0

as we set out on our volunteer journey that bright, hot saturday morning to the tucker nature preserve, who knew that emory would be […]

18 February 2011

photo. cutest mom & kid couples…

18 February 2011, Comments 0

of course this is one of the cutest couples i know… jessica & honor!!! that girl looks like her daddy!!! :))

2 February 2011

celebrate. love treats.

2 February 2011, Comments 0

it’s almost valentine’s day and i know what i’m going to be doing!!! baking in my cake mold that i got from avon for […]

18 January 2011

family. “i always hear…”

18 January 2011, Comments 0

i always hear other parents saying, “they grow so fast…” and now i know exactly what they mean. before, i just agreed and said, […]

7 January 2011

news. when men act with their head…not the one on top!

7 January 2011, Comments 0

john edwards has alledgedly proposed to rielle hunter — baby mama! what typically happens when men act with their heads and not their brains […]

28 December 2010

quote. budding 2-year-olds.

28 December 2010, Comments 0

the key to raising a budding, soon-to-be 2 year old is discipline, portion control, love hard and smile often. any questions? let’s just hope […]