31 October 2014

It’s Halloween 2014…..

31 October 2014, Comments 0

It’s Clawdeen Wolf from Monster High!!!  

30 October 2014

Gearing up for Elf on the Shelf 2014!!!

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I was searching for a calendar to plan my Elf on the Shelf’s adventures for December and could not find one that was exactly what […]

26 October 2012

Halloween events in Decatur & the Mall of Georgia!

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Decatur is very much into Halloween! Don’t believe check out this list below (borrowed from The Patch and Atlanta on the Cheap)! Events start […]

19 October 2012

It’s Halloween…

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It’s Halloween! It’s Halloween! The moon is full and bright And we shall see what can’t be seen On any other night. Skeletons and […]

24 September 2012

Reserve your Xmas list at Toys R Us!

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Toys R Us has unveiled a new reservation system that gives parents a guarantee if they plan early and put some money down on the hottest toys for […]

4 November 2011

o turkey day…

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I have so many great things that I’d like to do with my 2-year-old toddler. In my head, where everything is perfect and we’re […]

31 October 2011

this year’s coolest pumpkins…

31 October 2011, Comments 0

Every year, our building property manager hosts the annual pumpkin design contest… here are some of my favorites.

13 October 2011

Because I Love Food — Halloween Treats!

13 October 2011, Comments 0

After starting yesterday’s posting, I decided that one day should be dedicated to food! Namely, cupcakes, but other treats as well!!! I wonder if […]

12 October 2011

Who’s Decorating for a Kids Halloween Party?

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There is a ton of inspiration every which way you look. If your budget is small or large, you can create homemade decorations for […]

8 December 2009


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i feel like an automated atm with no restrictions… only i do have restrictions — the monetary kind! xmas shopping is no joke. luckily […]