27 September 2011

All Natural Play Dough… Paint Perhaps?

27 September 2011, Comments 0

If you care at all about the quality of toys and crafts that your little one plays with, then you will need to invest […]

26 September 2011

If you have the space… Use it!

26 September 2011, Comments 0

My next house will definitely accommodate a state-of-the-art, thrilling, uniquely decorated play room… not for me, but for the kid! These rooms encompass all things playful […]

23 September 2011

Flowing with Declutter

23 September 2011, Comments 0

If your house is anything like mine, there is no more room for toys, gadgets, dolls, trains, shoes or clothes. One can only do […]

31 August 2011

link. nordstrom kids shoes.

31 August 2011, Comments 0

i had to post pics of these amazing shoes I found while surfing nordstrom online today. i mean I wish they had these in […]

2 June 2011

audio. how to love.

2 June 2011, Comments 0

How to Love by lil wayne i wasn’t going to post this… but the more i listen… i just love more & more… and […]

24 May 2011

news. 28-year-old rapes 12-year-old get 9.5 years.

24 May 2011, Comments 0

what is this country coming to really? the standards we have set in place are wiggity wiggity whack!! parents protect your kids!! there are […]

23 May 2011

link. best cookies on earth.

23 May 2011, Comments 0

  come from a company in the northeast called immaculate baking co. — OMG! crystal & i made the chocolate chunk cookies yesterday and […]

23 May 2011

audio. rocketeer.

23 May 2011, Comments 0

  far east movement’s :: Rocketeer :: — bangin! it’s amazing that i’ve been so off my music game… what have i been doing […]

23 May 2011

video. e.t.

23 May 2011, Comments 0

  one of my new fav songs…. i swear i have one of these every other day!!! e.t. featuring kanye west by katy perry

20 May 2011

audio. sure thing.

20 May 2011, Comments 0

so i really liked his first single… but i absolutely ♥ this song! i just actually found out who he was… sad, i know. […]

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