Regina Pitts

Regina Pitts

Owner.Designer... Lover of arts and crafts. Self-taught graphic designer. Crooked card cutter

Our Clients are #1 with Our Undivided Attention

At Metallic Hello, we are driven to design the finest, highest quality design products you can find anywhere. 

Unlike the larger stationery companies, which simply provide more of a something-for-everyone offering, we work tirelessly to ensure that you cannot find our cards anywhere else. Our talented staff will  translate the hottest trends into perfectly unique and custom products.

It’s important that you get the product you came to us for whether it is an invitation, a logo, website or card. We give you the opportunity to express your wants and desires, then we quickly communicate that through the design. You will get as many drafts as it takes until you feel that it is absolutely perfect.

Open Communication + Flawless Products

We reach perfection through open communications — as much is needed. 

We are always available and will not pass you along to the next person. We tailor to you — our client. We start entirely from scratch with the font types, sizes and colors, as well as different paper choices, ribbons and sashes, and even envelopes. Either way, we’ll make sure your invitations are flawless, and you’ll be able to preview and approve the exact look prior to receiving your order.

Flawless Products — Stationery should reflect your own individual personal taste, so it may take a little time and effort for a discriminating customer to find the right design. We are committed to ensuring that you have all the information and support needed to help you reach it.

Our skills

We don’t claim to know everything, but we do know a little about A LOT! We try to sponge all the information we can without going mindless like another sponge we know…. whose last name is Squarepants!