today. 2 days til 30.

17 August 2010, Comments Comments Off on today. 2 days til 30.

on thursday i’m going to hit 30. feels like yogurt when you really want ice cream… you know… too soft to be ice cream, yet it’s sweet and better for you. it’s almost like settling… but at the same time choosing something better. i heard life gets better when you turn 30… though i’m finding that hard to believe. i’m kind of nervous… wonder if i’m going to wake up on thursday and realize that the world is brighter than i previously saw it? wonder is it’s going to mysteriously be better than wednesday? i wonder if i’m going to have the same worries as i did when i was in my late twenties than now in my early thirties? whoa… 30! i see you! but i got 2 more days to enjoy this youthfulness. they say 30 is the new 20… well what is 20? because no one wants to be a teenager. too young to buy alcohol or get into the cool clubs :)) dear 30: please be kind!

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