today. i just got asked out by a gay guy.

7 August 2010, Comments Comments Off on today. i just got asked out by a gay guy.

emory and i were having dinner at ihop <how convenient that they put one right next door to her daycare> and a server, not even the one who had been helping me, walks up to my table, bends down a little… looks me dead in the face and says “ooooh… you’re so pretty!”

i’ve been told by miss rachel grogan herself that gay men love beautiful women and boobs too, and by miss lynn lampkin that he probably just thought i wasĀ  pretty, and that most of them like being associated with attractive women. but was that why? i mean i wasn’t necessarily looking my best… even still, i had a 16-month old trying to climb the back of the booth… to which he replied “oooohhhh she’s pretty too… all the pretty women over here!”


he then proceeded to tell me that he wanted me to go out with him to luckie lounge on saturday… and that he wanted me to call him…all the while in the back & front of my head I thought “but I think you’re gay” :: crooked face ::

i don’t know if it was because i was in midtown <i automatically assume that all the guys are gay> or if it was the femininity he had in his voice and mannerisms??? or hell, maybe i just made all that ish up? LOL

Lordy… it was just so funny/weird/flattering how he approached me, told me he wanted to go out with me and proceeded to give me his number….

afterward, he helped me get my ish together <i was flying out because emory needed a new diaper and was starting to cut up like it was nobody’s business> and saw me out… all the while yelling for me to call him and how he can’t wait to hear from me!

but if he was gay, he wouldn’t have asked me out right? so confused…

in the end my cousin @mariobling says that i am soooo cute any man would hit on us… GAY or straight or whatever šŸ™‚ that’s US! <i concur>

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