saturday. today.

24 July 2010, Comments Comments Off on saturday. today.

getting used to these “it feels like” heat indexes is an understatement and a punch to the lungs… luckily while i’m home today i get a chance to smoke this hookah, sunbathe on my patio… and drink a miller lite or two all while listening to Dirty Money’s station on pandora. that channel is ALWAYS jammin’… it’s a must every couple of days or so! this heat is no joke though! 30 minutes later and i got tan lines… and a call to go shopping. as long as we make the 5 o’clock audition to listen to a kid from north memphis called KING. he can sing… he can dance… but he needs developing. oh well – off to dinner at twist – home of the Korean BBQ & Kim Chee tapas. oh lordy! it was good!

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