6 Month Shots

6 October 2009, Comments 0

So today we had an appointment with Dr. Bussey for emory’s 6 month wellness visit. We were late! Today started out so gloomy But we still managed to make it there. Emory weighs 18.2 pounds (84%), 26-1/2 in. (74%) and her head circumference is in the 84% range – all perfectly on schedule! Since she’s older and more aware of herself, I thought the immunizations/shots would pretty terrible especially since at her 4 month visit she practically had a cow. I felt like she denounced me as her BFF! Actually this time around she was such a big little girl. She only cried for 2 seconds. Okay 10 seconds! But she didn’t scream – the high-pitched number she usually does!

So 3 immunizations and a flu shot! All-in-all, its been a pretty good day! Aside from the fact I only packed 1 bottle for the daycare! I ran out of formula & didn’t have time like I wanted to stop & get some… Atlanta! Everything’s so spacey!!!

Anyway, until next time!

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