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5 January 2011, Comments 0

seems that internet tv is the wave of the present and that internet remotes are next. peep the article below…

Netflix Being Added To TV Remotes — 5 More Buttons That Are Likely Coming Soon

Netflix is a leader… they are kicking butt and taking names when it comes to watching movies… renting movies and now, streaming movies online. I saw my first Blockbuster “Red Box” today on the way to work this morning… with all that money they were making seems like they got a little too complacent with those off-the-chart fees they were charging to rent movies! and now look what they’ve had to resort too… $1 movie box rentals! lol!

anyways, Netflix just eliminated a lot of unnecessary steps people went through to watch/rent a movie… and now they’ve made it even easier, which is why i love them!  Netflix has put a button on your remote, so that instead of having to switch from the TV remote to the Blu-ray or Roku remote, you can just press the big red button that says “Netflix”.

Netflix announced yesterday that most of the world’s largest remote manufactures have agreed to add a Netflix button to their latest models of remotes.  The Netflix button will allow viewers to have one click access to their instant queue.  The manufactures that have agreed to produce remotes with a Netflix button by this spring include: Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Best Buy’s brand Dynex, Haier, as well as Memorex.

The move by Netflix was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show.  This is the next step in what Netflix has previously stated about the future of their business.  Netflix knows that as technology advances so should the company.  Instead of falling behind the curve as many video rental stores did in the past decade, Netflix knows that instant access of movies is the future and is prompting hardware manufacturers to adhere to that vision.

The future of the remote controls is interesting to ponder.  Recently the Song Google remote showed us a glimpse of the future.  The remotes of the future will have new buttons, but what new buttons should be added to the new remotes? Netflix was an obvious choice but what are the next top 5 buttons that should be on all new remotes.

1. Facebook
This is a must have, it is the most visited site of last year, beating out Google for the 2010 crown.  It was the most searched item of 2010 as well, which makes this our pick for the most desired remote button of the future.

2. Google
Facebook may have been outpaced by Facebook but let’s not overreact: until people start to say “I should Bing that” instead of “I should Google that” the discussion is mute.

3. YouTube
Who know the future of TV, this might become the most used button out of all these buttons — this might be the only button in the future.

4. Twitter
As Twitter progresses towards becoming an essential breaking news source, news hounds will flip over the ability to quickly check their favorite Twitter talkers’ telling real-time Tweets.  The bird will make a cool little button, too.

5. Apps
Whether it’s Android apps or Apple TV apps, the remote control of the future will have a clearly marked button entitled “apps”, and it will open your TV into the world of cool little games and weather widgets.

Originally posted by Keith Butler on January 4th, 2011

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