today. to join or not to join.

7 September 2010, Comments Comments Off on today. to join or not to join.

i’m talking about eharmony. i mean let’s be honest… i don’t get out as much as i used to being a MILF and all. the way i see it… i’m gonna have to start dating eventually. the only problem is how is that gonna happen if i don’t go out. the only thing i can see happening is me joining this online dating website.

i’ve read that most people now meet their mates online! very interesting to say the least. i should have just gotten my MRS dgree when i was in college, at least i wouldn’t be having this dilemma in my head right now.

i’ve been a member of in the past, and all the guys seem to just use it as a means to “hook up” if you know what i mean… it’s a just a big booty call site! eharmony seems more stable and out of that loop since it takes forever to find someone who you actually like… but since i’ve gotten a 75% off coupon, i can join for 4 months for $30 compared to the normal rate of $50 for 1 month, or $120 for 3 months.

oh these important decisions that i’m left to make… any advice for me?

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